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Succession and Estate Planning


Estate Planning is a continuous lifetime process of acquiring, enjoying, conserving, and ultimately transferring the property and assets of your estate. This may include fulfilling charitable gifting strategies or intergenerational wealth transfer goals. However, protecting your estate is more than just making sure it is distributed according to your wishes. You also need to be sure you have planned ahead for the most tax efficient transfer of your estate, including a means to cover any estate taxes due.

Do you have life insurance policies you purchased many years ago that you have not reviewed in several years? With the low interest rates our economy has experienced for many years, certain types of policies have struggled terribly and are unknowingly on the verge of failure. Most people don’t realize this and just keep on paying the premium every year when they receive the bill in the mail. There is a good chance many of these policies will die long before the insured will, and no death benefit will be paid.

With our Policy Audit Service™, we provide our clients a comprehensive review of life insurance policies they may have owned for many years. It has allows us to identify policy failures before they happen and provide solutions to correct the problems. Many of our clients have been able to improve their policies, typically at no additional costs, and in many cases even a reduction in their premium. It is much like refinancing a house. If you still had a mortgage with a 7% interest rate in today’s environment, you could save a tremendous amount of money refinancing to a mortgage with a 4% interest rate! Improving a life insurance policy can get a bit more complicated than this, but it can result in a significant savings, and we are here to lead the process.


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