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IF Appreciates Top 5 Advisor Recognition

IF Appreciates Top 5 Advisor Recognition

August 10, 2020

We are honored and pleased to announce that Michael Scott has been recognized by broker-dealer and registered investment advisor, Hornor, Townsend & Kent, LLC (HTK), as a Summit Advisor, ranking in the Top 5 Advisors of HTK's 800+ financial professionals across the US.*        

"The Summit and Peak Program represents HTK's most prestigious financial professionals. Their caliber is unmatched. They have demonstrated experience and excellence in providing comprehensive financial services and solutions," says Timothy Donahue, president and CEO, HTK. "We're proud to have these financial professionals represent HTK, both to their clients and within the financial services industry at large."

Mike thanks the entire team at Independence Financial for providing the support and service to our clients that has allowed for achievement of this honor with HTK. 

 *The Peak and Summit programs are based on Gross Dealer Concession (GDC) for 2019. Entry into the Peak and Summit programs is not based on client experience or client results. The award does not guarantee that using an award winner will result in future investment success. As of 12/31/2019, HTK has over 800 registered representatives. 2957850RB_Feb21